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How did a small family business grow to become Canada's largest fencing fitting manufacturer?
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Fencast Industries Ltd. | Manufacturing Durable Chain Link Fittings in Canada

Fencast Industries Ltd. is a proud Canadian, family owned business located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. We have been manufacturing, distributing and selling the finest quality fence products to North American customers since 1985. We are proud of our Canadian heritage and have built our business on a foundation of top-quality, innovative products, technical expertise and above all else—first-rate customer service.

We have become Canada's largest fence fitting manufacturer by making the commitment to you our valued customer to continue to improve all aspects of our business beyond the high standards we have established in our company today.

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Niagara fence is family owned and operated by Fencast Industries Ltd. Find everything you need for your do-it-yourself fence project at www.niagarafence.com.

Professional Affiliations
Director (Joanne LoBosco) of Canadian Fence Industry Association