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Powder coating creates a finish twice as thick, far more flexible and significantly more durable than traditional painting. Our process creates products that look better and last longer than the competition ensuring your customers’ satisfaction – our biggest priority.


The quality of our process creates
a more valuable and longer lasting product with added flexibility and durability reducing damage during transportation, storage, assembly and premature wear from prolonged usage. 


Fencast’s industry-leading preparation and pre-treatment process results in the most durable, chip and flake resistant product on the market.
Our combined chemical and mechanical process create a clean, oil free surface on all the materials we powder coat. This preparation increases the surface area for adhesion and results in consistent paint thickness on the entire product surface giving you the peace of mind that the last piece completed will be as good as the first. 


Our decades of experimenting and refining our process allows us to confidently coat materials that will flex regularly in their day to day usage and even bent up to 90 degrees after they’ve been painted. 

Production Capacity: 

Given adequate lead time, our 10,000 sq. ft. production facility allows us to fulfill orders across North America quickly, efficiently and economically. Our automated powder coating line (no batch work) not only reduces inconsistencies, it also eliminates production delays. 


With excellent color and gloss retention, over bake stability, and superior mechanical properties, polyester powder coating is the optimal choice when painting a large variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications including:

  • Lawn and garden equipment, 
  • Fencing, 
  • Schools and Playground equipment, 
  • Sporting equipment,
  • Metal building products, 
  • Office furniture,
  • Benches and chairs,
  • Lockers,
  • Patio Furniture.
  • Die-cast aluminum parts,
  • Small and medium sized tools,
  • Sink drains and Plumbing fixtures,
  • and much more…

We welcome the challenge of finding cost effective solutions to paint new products.

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