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Whether it’s for aesthetics or to enhance the lifespan of a galvanized product by duplex coating, powder coating is an essential service in the fence industry. With industry-leading preparation and pre-treatment options, you are guaranteed the best possible finish. With a thorough pre-cleaning process, our powder coating system is unmatched in the fence industry in Canada. We utilize an automated powder coating line (no batch work), which reduces inconsistencies and production delays and make the process more efficient. Powder coating allows us to customize your product for product customization while ensuring the stability of the colour of the powder coating and delivering the highest quality finished product.

Fencast Industries Inc. superior powder coating provides:
  • Double layer of protection
  • Reduces scratches and chipping marks
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Superior colour retention

We are equipped to use the following types of powder


Polyester Coating for Fences in North America

With excellent colour and gloss retention, excellent over bake stability, and superior mechanical properties, polyester coatings are the optimal choice when coating a large variety of applications, including lawn and garden equipment, fencing, metal building products, and heavy equipment.

Epoxy (Large orders only)

Epoxy coating for fences in Canada

Epoxy coatings are the technology of choice for high performance applications. Combining outstanding salt spray resistance and excellent chemical performance with exceptional film hardness, epoxy coatings are often selected for functional or corrosion inhibiting applications such as industrial equipment, under-hood automative, pipe coatings, or primers. They are not UV stable and must be top coated if used outside.

Hybrid (Large orders only)

Canada Hybrid Powder Coating

With the mechanical film properties of an epoxy, but featuring the over bake stability of polyester, hybrid technology is an excellent solution. Hybrid powder coatings provide the benefit of both technologies with exceptional electrostatic spray characteristics that improve penetration into corners and recessed areas. However, they are not UV stable and are used for interior applications only.

Polyester Urethane (Large orders only)

Polyester Urethane Powder Coating

Combining superior resistance to weathering and UV light with a high definition finish, urethanes are an excellent choice for finishing lawn and gardening equipment, outdoor furniture, electronic enclosures, and automotive components.

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